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    I’m on the BBC!

    Posted: February 23, 2014 by Anthony Epes   -   No Comments

    Anthony Epes

    This morning my family and I woke up to cialis prescription cost the best email – the news report about my Cities at Dawn project was on the BBC. There were many screams of excitement and joy (you can see the BBC report here)

    It’s exciting to all of us because for the past two and half years my journeys to capture Cities at Dawn has been a viagra cost family project. I’ve taken my wife Diana and my two kids to stay in Paris and Venice (and soon New York) We’ve dropped into these cities for months at a time, immersing ourselves in each cities life and it’s been incredible. It’s a real honor to share these experiences with my kids – both the buy viagra without prescription creative journey of the photography and the challenges of bringing these projects to life in the form of books and workshops.

    The little BBC film shares my thoughts about why I love to photograph and dawn – plus some epic sunrises I experienced. I’m really proud!

    Thanks everyone,



    Christmas offers

    Posted: December 6, 2013 by Anthony Epes   -   No Comments

    So the crazy Christmas season is upon us. I hope it’s treating you all well and you aren’t getting overwhelmed by the run up to the big day. I have of course a few good suggestions for presents for said holiday which if you love photography, or know someone who does, will be a real present winner!

    My dawn workshops are really special and unique. On them I will help you capture your own vision of these beautiful cities at dawn. We have an amazing time wandering the silent, empty streets at the most stunning time of day – learning new photo skills – it’s always a great time. My offers for Christmas:

    • London at Dawn (weekend workshop) - complimentary signed copy of my book London at Dawn with every workshop booked.
    • Paris at Dawn (four day workshop) – a free one-day London at Dawn workshop plus a copy of London at Dawn and Paris at Dawn with your order. 
    • Venice at Dawn (four day workshop) - a free one-day London at Dawn workshop plus a copy of London at Dawn and Paris at Dawn with your order.
    We will also send you a lovely gift card if it’s a gift. 
    I also have a new workshop that is starting in January - The Light Monkeys. A year-long membership program of photo walks and social events in 2014 limited to 25 people. The idea for this is to provide a group setting for keen photographers to meet, learn, share and potentially collaborate over the period of a year. £175 for the year, book here. 
    For any questions about the workshops contact Diana on
    Wishing you a good December.
    PS I shot this view several times, two versions of which are on my book covers of London at Dawn. But the sky is different every time. I love that about dawn, you can capture the same view but with totally different skies, beautiful colours. 

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